ECOWAS and Mali military junta meeting ends in a stalemate

Mediation between envoys from ECOWAS and Malian military junta who ousted President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita have ended inconclusively.

The meeting ended without a deal or a plan on how the country will transition back to civilian rule.following last week’s coup d’etat.

The military spokesperson, Colonel Ibrahim Wague said after the meeting that the final decision of the interim transitional government would be decided by Malians.

So far, no timeline has been instituted to return the country to civilian rule. A few days prior, the coup leaders promised to stage elections “within a reasonable timeframe.”

The ECOWAS delegation met with the deposed leader at the military barracks in Kati that he’s currently being held. Leader of the delegation and former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan told newsmen after the meeting that, “President Keita told us that he has resigned, that he was not forced to do so and that he does not want to return.”

This is Mali’s second coup in eight years.

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